At Bowling Park Primary school we are determined to provide the best possible learning opportunities and help to prepare our children for life in the 21st century. This means, not only helping them to become successful learners and confident individuals, but also encouraging aspiration and ambition and helping them to understand and shape their own futures, including important choices about education and work.

This involves raising awareness of the many different types of jobsĀ and professions as well as the benefits of work. This is an important element of our Going the Extra Mile (or ‘GEM’ strategy) and we will be dedicating two special days to the project. As part of this work we want to celebrate the success of role models in our community by sharing their stories with the children through short interviews, films or even letters and messages sent to the pupils.

In November 2016, we also joined in with the Children’s Commission ‘National Takeover Challenge’, which sees children and young people from across the country try out jobs for the day. At Bowling Park, children in Yr5 and Yr6 applied to do jobs in school such as mentors, caretakers, school leaders, librarians and lots more. The children had a great day and took to their new responsibilities with maturity and enthusiasm. The day helped to prepare the children for the next stage in their education, and beyond to adulthood.