What people are saying about us...

“Pupils make good progress as they move through the school.”

– Ofsted Report 2013

“Classrooms are welcoming with stimulating displays. Information and communication technology are used particularly well.”

– Ofsted Report 2013

“Pupils particularly enjoy lessons where there are independent activities and learning is fun.”

– Ofsted Report 2013

“One parent said, ‘The school feels like a family.’”

– Ofsted Report 2013

“Pupils help one another and the whole school is very inclusive and a place where every pupil really does matter.”

– Ofsted Report 2013

“The school is a harmonious one….Pupils are courteous and helpful.”

– Ofsted Report 2013

“Your desire for shared success and your capacity for joy is unsurpassed.”

– Andy Tooze, Artist.

“Bowling Park is always a warm and welcoming place to visit.”

– Nichola Warin, Speech and Language Therapist.

“The teachers, staff and children are always full of energy and very friendly!”

– Sam Wilson, Guitar Teacher

“WOW! What an amazing school. I am continually overwhelmed with the commitment, passion and care from all the people in school.”

– Adie Hinsley, Youth Worker.

“School feels purposeful, relaxed and friendly.”

– Tim Clark, Principal Resourcing